Popular Marketing Blogs to Look For Marketing Articles

There are various kinds of blogs today with each specializing on different niches. Some of these blogs post articles on marketing, marketing strategies and tips. If you are a marketer or you are looking for ways of marketing and promoting your products, you should take time to read marketing articles. Below are some of the popular blogs where you can find well researched and written articles on marketing.

Marketing Profs

This blog posts articles that cover a wide range of topics including marketing tips, industry trends, professional developments and topical overviews. It is a good source of information for any marketer as the blog is regularly updated with quality content. With the guides, tips and procedures provided in the blog, newbie in marketing will be properly guided.

HubSpot Blog

https://www.hubspot.com/ provides inbound marketing certificates. If you are interested in obtaining their certificates, you should start by visiting the blog as there are plenty of articles that will help you to achieve this goal. HubSpot Blog has become popular for its primetime and software marketing conference.

The Knowledge Bank

If you are looking for a content that will help you to raise your company’s profile and influence your audience, this blog should be the right place to come to. The company also posts contents that cover branding, and marketing including content distribution, lead generation, thought leadership and others. It is owned by Influence & Co

Business Insider

Business Insider is growing in popularity today thanks to the quality of their posts. Their articles are of the same quality with the posts on Huffington. This is why some people regard it as Huffington Post for Business. The posts in the blog are on markets and strategy. There are always new articles on the blog.

There are other blogs such as Vero, Hootsuite, Kissmetrics, Seth Godin and others where you will be able to find useful information on marketing.