Mailer: A Veritable Tool For Sending Large Number of Emails

Email marketing is one of the means through which businesses reach their targeted audience and also maintain their existing customers. However, it can be very difficult, time consuming and stressful to send emails to all the customers of a business including prospective ones one after the other. Today, software has been developed to enable businesses engaged in email marketing to send out bulk emails to their target audience just at once. Mailer is a typical example of bulk email software. It is also called mass mailer for sale. Mailers are computer worms that can disperse themselves via email. If you are engaged in email campaign, it is important that you make use of mailer for easy sending of mails.

Mailers are available in a number of types. The first type are those hosted by third parties. Mailers belonging to this category are in the majority. Here, businesses pay third party hosting companies so that they will be given access to the mailer. Depending on the third party company, a fixed amount can be charged for a month access. Some companies charge their customers pay send. Those charging a fixed monthly rate allow their customers to create their user account, create and send out their email campaigns via their accounts throughout the period of a month they paid for. Access or service will be withdrawn at the expiration of a month subscription period they paid for. In this case, it is the reliability of third party’s mailer that will determine the efficiency of email campaign of the user to a greater extent.

Another type of mailer is the self-hosted mailer. Not many businesses are making use of this option in their email campaign. Here, a business will develop their own mailer or purchase a licence to host the program. However, the problem with this type of mailer is that businesses using them are limited to the use of one server in the sending of bulk emails and this reduces the rate at which emails are sent. On the positive side, it has a long term cost effective benefits. Businesses that opted for self-hosted mailer will only have to pay for the cost of developing the software. Once, it is developed, they will not have to pay any monthly fees or any other fee in order to send bulk emails.

Benefits of mailers

The use of mailers give businesses a number of benefits. First, it is a good means of increasing website traffic. Mass email marketing is a veritable tool of attracting consumers to a website or a business. It is also a good means of retaining old ones and communicating with them.

Keeping track of your email campaign

Using a mailer for your email campaign will help you to keep track of your campaign progress. You will be able to find out the number of people that respond to your adverts. In this way, you will determine what your return on investment (ROI) is.

Reaching large number of your targeted audience

Engaging in email campaign using mailer is a veritable means of reaching to a large number of your targeted audience. With an email campaign, you are not just reaching out to the ‘crowd’ but to your targeted audience. Thus, it is highly possible that your campaign will yield large harvest especially if you are able to provide your customers with useful information.

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